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New Ladies Alligin Double Ventile® Jacket
New Ladies Alligin Double Ventile®  Jacket The Alligin is a Double Ventile® jacket designed and styled for ladies and named after Beinn Alligin in the North West of Scotland. Ideal for all weather walking and nature watching.
New Greenspot SV Lightweight Jacket
New Greenspot SV Lightweight Jacket New Greenspot Single Ventle Lightweight Jacket is ideal for cycle touring. Inspired by the Greenspot Nomad Jacket of the 1950s, it is windproof, weatherproof and highly breathable.
Cruachan Double Ventile Extreme Smock
Cruachan Double Ventile Extreme Smock The Cruachan Double Ventile jacket is our top end Double Ventile® Smock is ideal for a range of outdoor activities.
Blaven Ventile® Trousers
Blaven Ventile® Trousers Our Blaven Ventile® Trousers have articulated knees, security pockets and ankle scuff patches.
Ballater Ventile® Windshirt
Ballater Ventile® Windshirt Ballater Ventile® Windshirt is our most simple smock perfect for many activities which require light shower and wind protection.
It is named after the village of Ballater located 15 miles west of our workshop in Aboyne.
Cuillin Double Ventile® Jacket
Cuillin Double Ventile®  Jacket The Cuillin Ventile jacket is our top end Double Ventile® Jacket suitable for a range of outdour activities and smart enough to wear in town

Talorc Ventile Jacket
Talorc Ventile Jacket The Talorc Ventile Jacket is inspired by our Pictish forefathers who were tough and uncompromising and yet created unique and beautiful art. It is named after a Pictish King said to originate from our area of Scotland.

Glencoe Double Ventile® Jacket
Glencoe Double Ventile® Jacket The Glencoe Jacket is a fully specified double Ventile Jacket ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities including field sports, birdwatching and walking. We have supplied the Glencoe for many years with customers coming back to us after hard use for replacements. It has been used in the Welsh valleys when herding bulls and in the Antarctic.
Also Available Made To Measure.

Rannoch Double Ventile® Jacket
Rannoch Double Ventile® Jacket The Rannoch Jacket is a fully specified double Ventile Jacket. With less pockets than the Glencoe and a detachable hood. The Rannoch is lighter and yet suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities.
A detachable hood is optional.

A photograph of the Rannoch is shown with a hood

Braemar Ventile® Windshirt
Braemar Ventile® Windshirt Braemar Ventile® Windshirt is named after the village of Braemar which is located 25 miles west of our Workshop in Aboyne. Tested in the harsh climate of the Cairngorms, the Braemar smock is available in Single Ventile®, a Hybrid of Single and Double Ventile® and fully waterproof Double Ventile®.

Several options are available including compass pocket and kangaroo pockets, non-standard sleeve length and smock length as well as Made To Measure
Greenspot Double Ventile® Jacket
Greenspot Double Ventile® Jacket The Greenspot Ventile® is an updated Double Ventile version of the much loved but sadly no longer available Greenspot Super Nomad Jacket made by Bertram Dudley and Son of Yorkshire, which was widely used for cycle touring.
Our version features 6 zipped pockets two breast, two front and two rear hip pockets, suitable for holding an OS map. A detachable hood is available.

Available with non-standard sleeve lengths and jacket lengths

Ventile® Poncho
Ventile® Poncho A Single Ventile® poncho designed in conjunction with members of Bushcraft UK. Large enough to cover a rucksack and with many features to make the poncho multi purpose from a weatherproof garment to a tarp.

Photographs courtesy of Gary Waidson

Kintail Ventile® Shirt
Kintail Ventile® Shirt Our Single Lightweight Ventile® Shirt with a classic style. It is a long sleeved shirt providing maximum comfort. It is also windproof therefore can be worn to suit a variety of activities. Design features include a scooped hem, a pleated back providing fit, two large chest pockets with pleats and cuff tabs complete with stud fasteners.
Clova Ventile® Breeches
Clova Ventile® Breeches Below knee length single Ventile® breeches with two zipped back pockets, two side pockets and Velcro fastening legs.
Cabrach Ventile® Trousers
Cabrach Ventile® Trousers Full-length single Ventile® trousers with elasticated waist, two zipped back pockets and two side pockets.
Please note that Camoflage is not available currently.

Also Available Made To Measure

Ventile Gaiters
Ventile Gaiters Ventile gaiters are sturdy and highly breathable.
We make ankle and full length gaiters for a range of uses in both single and double Ventile

Full length gaiters are also available Made To Measure
Ventile Mitts
Ventile  Mitts Simple bag overmitt designed to worn over inner gloves.
Ventile® and Cotton Analogy® Special Offers
Ventile® and Cotton Analogy®  Special Offers We have some great offers on our own manufactured Ventile® and Cotton Analogy® products.

These garments are manufactured with the same high quality as our standard products but may have very slight differences in specification.

Online Catalogue > Hilltrek Ventile® Clothing